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Well, this is the place where I get to ramble on about what and why this is all about. There's not a lot to tell so far - the page is still rather new. But I can tell you how it all came about and where it is going. That's something, anyway.


In 1997, I started doing enhancement pictures for the old Aurora Universe. Sharon Best, the person who ran the whole thing over there, encouraged me and kept me doing more and more pics. After a few months, I started to develop little scenarios for the pictures, tiny vignettes to go along with the image. Sometimes Sharon would give me a little "yeah, sure. But I want to use it in MY story...", but usually my little story would stand. Finally, one day, Sharon suggested that I try my hand at writing full stories for the AU. If any were good, they would be published. Neat. So, one evening I sat down, imagined a bit, and was swept up into the world of Tetrites and young Velorian Protectors. The first chapter of Lillith was accepted and published on the web. The night it appeared, I was scared to death. Will anyone like my story? Will they downright hate it? But then some email started to come in, all of it very positive. I was hooked that night and I've been at it ever since.

Sharon moved on and the Aurora Universe finally closed it's doors. I regret to this day seeing it all end. Many of us who worked there kept many of the old stories so folks could read them. Sam, Craig, Lee, and I split up the load and shared the responsibilities among our web sites. We formed a sort of web ring with Chris, Steve, and Ed that we called the AU Web Ring. Not very original, but to the point. Sharon was still checking in from time to time and it was almost like old times.

Then Sharon decided to leave the Web completely and all of us had a decision to make. Either we were going to continue with looking back and remembering or we were going to look forward and dream. We decided on the latter. We would save the best of the past while going as quickly as we could into our future. To do that, we decided to break with the past and earn our own identities. So the AU Web Ring became The Ring of the Glass Masque and I posted my own web page, Infinity Bridge.

Infinity Bridge is my home. I write stories that I enjoy writing and sometimes I even enjoy reading them as well. The AU genre was erotic sci-fi fantasy. I still enjoy writing stories like that, but not everything I write will fit into that mold. I'm going to try new things, experiment, fail, succeed, and try again. Along the way I might just write a few good stories that people like. That's all I'd like to do. That, after all, is what it's all about.

The logo for Infinity Bridge shows a bridge extending far into the bright future where there is growth and new life. It means promise and an undeniable optimism in tomorrow. Corny? Who cares - this is the Internet. :->

And that, as they say, is that.

So, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, sit back, and enjoy the stories, pics, and wav files here at Infinity Bridge! I'll keep trying 'till I get it right.




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