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"I must tell you of these things. Things that I have seen with my own eyes. There are beings, good and evil, that struggle throughout the Universe. The prize is the planets. Their struggle has brought them here. Their struggle is now yours as well. I must tell you these things so that you may be forewarned. But know this. One is here for you........."
- from a parchment found in the Sea of Tranquility, Earth's Moon

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LILLITH Lillith of Velor is my SciFi series about a young girl with amazing powers. Her duty in life is to protect
a planet inhabited by small, fury, spider-like creatures from outworld dangers - creatures who prove to be an
intelligent and endearing species. These are stories of love, life, and adventure set in a far-away place.
Infinity Bridge Gallery Gallery of Infinity Bridge is a collection of my computer enhancement art that was used in the old Aurora Universe, some new stuff, and even some pics that have never been seen outside the inner circle!
THE JACKAL The Jackal , by Rob. Imaginative and original character-based SF stories, including the Scavenger Hunt series.
Conversational Velorian Conversational Velorian is the Infinity Bridge primer on essential words and phrases of the Velorian language. You never know when you might be face to face with a Velorian Protector. Be prepared!
OTHER VOICES The sound of Other Voices are heard as well!
Stories written by fans and friends
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